It's your automated Poshmark Virtual Assistant that helps you automatically share items, make bulk offers, growth followers, and helps to make more sales on Poshmark.

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Auto Share

Automatic Self-sharing. PosherVA takes care of routine tasks for you.

Bulk offer/ Automated OTL

Automatically send Offer to Likers for All listings within three clicks.

Beautiful dashboard

Our design and usability focused interface makes the whole growth experience even better.

Saves you Time

Automatically share your closet for you, day and night. Sharing is extremely important in order for your listings to be seen!

  • Self-Sharing
  • Share to Followers
  • Share to Party
  • Community shares
  • Automatically follow and unfollow users
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Automated OTL

Don't miss a sale opportunity. Send your bulk offers automatically to everyone who has liked a listing.

Safe To Use

PosherVA is indistinguishable from a regular user, making it safe to use for your closet.

CAPTCHA Detection

PosherVA automatically detects and resolves a CAPTCHA popup.

Randomizing Delays Between Shares.

We timed actual people while they shared and followed and programmed PosjerVA to go at the same pace. PosherVA is a helper that acts like a human.

Built In Throttle Prevention.

Analyze and track every Poshmark reaction to PosherVA actions. If we notice something dangerous, the PosherVA automatically changes behavior.


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  • 200 Shares daily
  • Share To Followers
  • Share To Party
  • Share Inventory Continuously
  • ⏲️Schedule Sharing by time
  • Send bulk offer (OTL)
  • Control Sharing Speed
  • Randomized Share Times
  • Reversed Sharing (Keeps Order)
  • Automatic Captcha Solving
  • 500 Follow daily
  • Unfollow
  • Frequent Updates
  • Ad supported
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10-day Free Trial, no credit card required
  • Unlimited shares daily
  • Share To Followers
  • Share To Party
  • Share Inventory Continuously
  • ⏲️Schedule Sharing by time
  • Send bulk offer (OTL)
  • Control Sharing Speed
  • Randomized Share Times
  • Reversed Sharing (Keeps Order)
  • 🆓Automatic Captcha Solving
  • Unlimited follow
  • Unlimited unfollow
  • Frequent Updates
  • Priority support
  • 🔜 📱Mobile version
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  • Can I run PosherVA on a mobile device?
    Coming soon. Currently no mobile functionality, only on the desktop Chrome browser.
  • Is it safe to use automation?
    Yes, if you follow the tips that we outline (see details in documentation).
  • What is sharing and following limit?
    That's the recommended max number of actions per day to prevent the soft ban you closet. If you share too much, Poshmark might Soft Ban you and pause sharing for 24 hours. How much is too much sharing? We’ve found that if you share 5000-6000 times per day you are generally safe, although your mileage may vary.
  • Can I use It on Safari browser?
    We support only Chrome. But you can install the Chrome browser as a second one as well, and keep it for PosherVA.
  • Do you support US and Canada market?
    Currently, the only US, we will add Canada soon.
  • How much does it cost?
    We sell it as a subscription service with a price of $25.99 for the month, it's the Monthly Unlimited plan, also we offer a free limited version.
  • How many Poshmark accounts can I run at once?
    You can run one Poshmark account at once. If you manage multiple accounts on Poshmark, let us know, to unlock multi-access at once time.

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What our clients say

OMG!!!!! This is a game changer and affordable too! I've been wanting a VA but they're all just too expensive or they want my password and I'm not willing to give that out. PosherVA is perfect for me. I've saved HOURS by letting PosherVA do all my sharing for my closet and for others with a variety of options. PosherVA even shares my closet during the Parties and knows exactly what items pertain to that certain party...but PosherVA is doing the work and I'm busy doing other things! I can also send Bulk discounts, there are "following options" and I get to see my Stats for the day at any time. PosherVA has freed up my valuable time, so I can be doing other important things, like photographing, re-listing and posting new items. Best of all, Alex is wonderful and so helpful.

— 5 Star Poshmark Ambassador Read in Chrome Webstore

This extension is amazing! It's increased my engagement, activity, shares, follows, likes, and SALES! I work a full-time job in addition to treating Posh as a part-time reseller, and it's so easy to run the extension on whatever I'd like. I was invited as a test user. Especially I love background mode, no one existing tool does not offer that.

— Part-time poshmark reseller

This plugin has made sharing my inventory to Poshmark so much easier! My sales are booming.

— Poshmark reseller — 2-year experiences on Poshmark