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What's included

  • Unlimited shares daily

  • Share To Followers

  • Share To Party

  • Community shares

  • ⏲️ Schedule Sharing by time

  • Share Inventory Continuously

  • Send bulk offer (OTL)

  • Send Offer automatically for each liker

  • Relist/Delist

  • Bulk price drop

  • Return shares and follow

  • Reversed Sharing (Keeps Order)

  • Automatic Captcha Solving

  • Growth own followers with auto-follow

  • Frequent Updates

  • Online and quick Support

25 USD/mo

Sales tax may be applied

Risk free: Refunds allowed within 7 days if you're not satisfied. Cancel any time.

Payments securely handled by Paddle. See the FAQ for more and contact us if you have questions.

Over 10,000 Poshers trust PosherVA with their reselling business.

What you get with PosherVA

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Share automatically

Share multiple listings to your followers or to a party with just one click.

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Make special offers

Create special offers for multiple listings at once, and send them to your likers.

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Drop price for multiple listings

Drop price for multiple listings at once.

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Automatically follow and unfollow users

Follow thousands of style mates with just a single click.

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Human-like behavior

Designed to make your automated actions look human.

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Captcha solving

When the captcha check appears, PosherVA resolves it, and continues working.

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Support and updates

The best customer service what you have ever have

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Easy to use

PosherVA specifically built to be easy to use, easy to get started

Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions. Don’t see your question? Contact us by email:

Can I use PosherVA on a mobile device? The current version of the service is working on a computer in the Chrome browser. But don't worry, you don't have to be a tool's babysitter - it works almost on autopilot.
📱 We are working on a mobile solution, follow us in the Instagram to don't miss announcements.
Is it safe to use automation? Yes, if you follow the tips that we outline (see details in documentation).
What is sharing and following limit? That's the recommended max number of actions per day to prevent the soft ban you closet. If you share too much, Poshmark might Soft Ban you and pause sharing for 24 hours. How much is too much sharing? We’ve found that if you share 5000-6000 times per day you are generally safe, although your mileage may vary.
Can I try it for free? Sure. Signup for the 14 days Free Trial without CC - Try for free .
We don't ask for a credit card for the Free Trial, so we can't charge you after the trial ends.
Can I use It on Safari browser? We support only Chrome. But you can install the Chrome browser as a second one as well, and keep it for PosherVA.
Do you support US and Canada market? Currently, the only US, we will add Canada soon.
Does it solve Captcha popup? Yes, the PosherVA automatically detect and solve Captcha.
How Do I End My Subscription? Login into the account dashboard and click End Subscription.
If you are on a Free Trial, just stop using. We don't ask for a credit card for the Free Trial, so we can't charge you after the trial ends.